Perfect for narrow, sloping plots

Here we have worked on giving the living rooms different qualities, including outdoors. On the upper level there is a large, open roof terrace, while the covered balcony on the ground floor is more sheltered from the weather.


  1 floor houses
  2 floor houses
  Flat roof
  Pitched roof
  Car awning
  Open kitchen
  Wooden facade

Factory package

  Insulated external walls
  Internal walls
  Roof structure constructions
  Windows and terrace doors

Energy classification

Our houses achieve energy classification - A ++++
Our houses are made of high-quality timber, based on Scandinavian technologies and correspond to all European building rules and regulations

Available roof types

Flat roof
Hip roof
Shed roof

Price details

  Wooden house 102: €32.000 + VAT
  Transport: €3.500 + VAT
  Assembly: €6.000 + VAT
  Total costs: €41.500. + VAT
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Technologies details

We use only high quality solid construction timber. Kiln dried, planed, finger-jointed solid wood of 13 meters enables us to deliver outstandingly stable wooden buildings of up to 3 floors. Learn more about production

Why choose Norges Hus?


The structure of our timber-frame houses has been developed taking into consideration the specific climatic requirements and building rules in Norway. We use only high quality solid construction timber.


We understand that combining good, cost-effective building science with the right products and materials can help create a home that s healthier and more efficient - while being kind to the environment.


With over a decade of experience in home building, Norges Hus has what it takes to provide quality products, quality construction and customer satisfaction.

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